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New Zealand Native plants provide the theme and inspiration for these colourful mosaic table mats.  They are handmade in New Zealand with a rimu surround.  There are three styles which include the pohutukawa flower, kowhai flowers and the koru with a native fern.   Each table mat is unique being individually handcrafted and several styles have paua and NZ greenstone incorporated into the design. 

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New Zealand Original Paintings



Globalisation and consumerism can be seen to perpetuate poverty and the income gap. World Equity believes that consumerism can be a powerful tool to improve the situation of the poor, as these days consumers put more thought into what products and companies stand for. World Equity aims to contribute to a better, more equitable world by facilitating giving to the underprivileged in the purchase of products. Purchase any products from retailers that have products displaying the World Equity logo and a percentage will go to help the underprivileged attain a better life.

You can make a difference to world poverty by buying products that display the World Equity logo and telling your friends to do the same. Help us reduce poverty and create a better, more equitable world.
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