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The Logo that Gives
The World Equity organisation’s mission is to promote and facilitate giving to the underprivileged in developing countries. Poverty and the income gap between the rich and the poor are increasing globally. World Equity’s objective is to contribute to reversing this trend as a step to creating a more equitable world. Our organisation gives a percentage from the sale of products that display the World Equity logo to charities that support and assist the disadvantaged majority to improve their lives.
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Consumerism is an everyday part of most peoples’ lives and it can be utilised in a positive way to assist those in need through cause-related marketing. This occurs when companies link the purchase of products to supporting a cause, and this can generate a positive win-win scenario for the company and the cause.
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Consumers are putting more thought into what products and companies stand for and increasingly expect companies to be socially responsible.   By purchasing products through the sponsors of World Equity or from retailers that have products displaying the World Equity logo, you can help to reduce poverty and improve equity in the world. 
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The Logo that Gives